Singer/songwriter Madeleine Mayi shares elegiac single “ITRL”

LA-via-Santa Barbara singer/songwriter Madeleine Mayi has just shared her latest single “ITRL,” which is lifted off her debut LP out next February. The third and final single teeters on the sonic cusp of other up and coming artists this past year such as Charli Adams and McCall.

With “ITRL” (In The Right Light), Mayi’s impassioned vocals, somber guitar, and delicate songwriting is front and center. The four-minute endeavor is a magical excursion through stunning sonic arrangements that brings upon deep solace in times of need. Mayi’s propensity for creating wondrous soundscapes is something to marvel at, but she doesn’t falter on her storytelling talents either. “ITRL” speaks upon trauma, untimely death, and how to cope with the aftermath of such events. While the song leans on melancholic themes, Mayi skillfully puts it all together so beautifully that rather than the song feeling like a downer, it instead serves as remedy for listeners managing the harsh cruelties of the world.  

““ITRL” is a song about denial,” says Madeleine Mayi via email. “It’s about seeing the world from this frozen state, right after something traumatic happens. When you can’t really tell when things are good or bad, or you’re hurting. It’s just that limbo time, where things feel confusing. That’s what in the right light is.”

“ITRL” follows her equally as stunning and warm indie rock singles “friendly fires” and “love me” shared earlier this year. Prior to this, she independently released a pair of EPs, 2017’s Just the Six of Us and 2018’s shy. Madeleine Mayi’s soon-to-be-titled debut LP will arrive on Valentine’s Day 2021.

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