Ed Prosek wants to “Make It Easy” for us on soulful new single

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Ed Prosek returns with “Make It Easy.” The track follows “Mercy” and both tracks are lifted from his forthcoming EP Flesh & Blood Part Two due out this summer.

On “Make It Easy,” Prosek continues to tap into themes of self-expression and the customary feelings of longing that stick with you over time. His music pushes beyond the typical singer-songwriter characteristics as he explores sonic tones ranging from classical to electronic. “Make It Easy” features Prosek’s persuasive vocals, a vibrant production, and storytelling relating to complicated romance. “I spent so many years writing sad songs about big subjects I wanted something to honestly counterbalance that in a meaningful way,” Prosek explains over email.

There’s much to grasp onto here, from his masterful composition, oscillating between the piano and guitar-wielding, and reflective lyrics that have you take a hard look at your own choices involving love or ephemeral encounters of romance. With its pristine arrangements and soothing rhythms, “Make It Easy” is able to blossom into something inimitable and fortifying for the soul to find solace with.

Last year, Prosek released the EP Light As A Feather. However, his forthcoming EP Flesh & Blood Part Two is said to reflect the darker underbelly of the songwriter’s usual upbeat personality and lyrical writing style. It’ll serve as a direct follow-up to his 2017 EP of the same name (part one). The album will arrive with previous single “Killing Me” and two more unreleased tracks later this summer.

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