Edith reveals heartfelt Pop album ‘In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak’

Indie-pop luminary Edith unveils her emotional landscape on new album ‘In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak‘. With 18 tracks, this album mirrors her life from ages 20 to 22, crafted through heartfelt piano melodies rather than texts or diaries.

“I began this journey at 21, pouring my heart into each song,” shares Edith. Each track serves as a personal diary entry, capturing her highs and lows with storytelling finesse.

Among the gems is “God Complex,” earning BBC Introducing‘s Track of the Week, a cathartic anthem empowering her amidst challenges. “21”, inspired by a simple text, pulsates with her vibrant vocals, revealing her experiences vividly.

This album delves into the universal themes of heartbreak and relationships, resonating with authenticity. Edith’s musical roots sprouted at 11, blossoming on London stages like the Notting Hill Arts Club. Her EP at 18 paved the way for empowering people globally. “My music speaks to our shared human experiences,” she reflects.

Simultaneously, Edith released music videos for “Necklace”, “Over It”, and “The Day We Met”. ‘In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak‘ is now streaming worldwide, offering an immersive sonic journey for aficionados of genuine, emotive storytelling. Edith’s lyrical talent extends beyond her music. She actively engages with her audience, sharing insights on her creative process and the emotions woven into her compositions through social media platforms. Her connectivity fosters a deeper bond, enabling fans to delve into the heart of her artistry and connect with her on a profoundly personal level.

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