Hip Hop Duo Flyana Boss reign in their power on new EP Boffum

Los Angeles based Flyana Boss is an infectious hip-hop duo made up of best friends Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede. Their music makes you laugh out loud and nod in whole-hearted agreement all at once. Flyana’s newly released two track EP Boffum is all about coming into your power as a woman and celebrating the lessons learned on the joyride to self discovery.

The opening track of the EP “Really Really” features a bouncy piano beat, triumphant backup vocals, and playful banter between the best friends on the surface. Written about choosing yourself first and protecting your peace, the single is a modern day anthem for the independent woman. Flyana Boss sings, “Kick off your shoes, but don’t overstay your welcome / respectfully, I need my sleep.” The second track, “Nu Nu”, combines a thunderous set of beats, growling undercurrents of heavy-handed vocals, and vibrant energy upfront for a power-punching sonic experience. “Nu Nu” is about leveling up and exceeding expectations with confidence. Both tracks on Boffum are cohesive and lean into the message of putting yourself first and biting back at the haters with a witty jab.

Flyana Boss came together after they met at music school. Their musical endeavors began as sending verses back and forth to each other over YouTube beats. Today, they are ready to emerge into the limelight with their new and highly anticipated EP Boffum. Listen to Boffum by Flyana Boss here for a delightfully clever musical ride.

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