Egzod, Arcando, and Abigail Rose coalesce on “Sinking”

They say that two heads are better than one, and in the case of Miami’s Egzod and Netherlands’ Arcando, it couldn’t be more true. The pairing of their symphony calibre sound design is second to none, with their distinctive approach to hard-hitting bass music perfectly intertwining as if it were kismet. The result is their latest single “Sinking” – a blistering journey that travels through varying levels of energy, from the melancholia of the verse to the trap-infused euphoria of the drop. 

Not Nashville-based vocalist Abigail Rose adds to the drama of the track by steering the melody into the stratosphere with an emphatic performance. The energy that she applies brings a tender balance, allowing the shrill melody to pierce through and soar even higher.

The lyrics address the demise of a relationship that moved too quickly, addressing how it can leave you to “pick up all the pieces & catch your breath – which can feel like you’d be sinking,” Abigail shares in the email press release. The masterfully executed production carries the weight of the lyrics with aplomb, colouring the verses with emotion, and adding an introspective shade to the track; an overall stellar collaboration.

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