Get funky with Midnight Pool Party’s latest release “Nonchalant”

After a successful 2019 with the roll-out of their Motions EP, Midnight Pool Party is back with yet another groovy tune “Nonchalant.”

With influences from acts like Hayden James, Kaytranada, and Disclosure – Midnight Pool Party manages to blend disco feels with contemporary hip-hop and R&B elements to create a style that is uniquely their own. With uplifting vocals and bouncing beats the duo creates captivating energy that makes “Nonchalant”  an easy listen to groove along to.

“Nonchalant” delivers catchy falsetto vocal hooks, handclaps. and retro synths which transport the listener to a place of disco balls and dancing. An infectious groove extends through the entire song as each element builds upon the last creating a perfect summer tune.

Upon first listen one wouldn’t realize that the lyrics are actually speaking about being anxious in social situations, however, in the end, the message becomes to stay cool and keep it “Nonchalant.” 

We hope this song brings a little bit of happiness into the world which is so full of fear and anxiety right now. We hope it makes you smile.” – Midnight Pool Party

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