Emerging act vi0let delves into the art of flirting on "Deceptive"

Emerging Brighton-based musician vi0let draws us in with her husky vocals on sultry yet empowering track “Deceptive,” an offering built on soulful, slow-build instrumentals exploring the art of flirtation.Toeing the line between lighthearted and emotive, “Deceptive,” is spurred by its relatable song writing which details the fun of flirting while reflecting on the vulnerability of being open and honest with someone you’re getting to know.

Laced with romanticism and charm, the production of smooth keys and the echoey beats takes us through the moments of meeting someone who wants to know you, just as much as you want to know them.

Born in Germany, the rising star’s passion for music brought her to the UK three years ago, as she establishes her sonic range with a breathtaking blend of R&B, pop and hip-hop, founded on emotive, uplifting messages spanning vulnerability and strength in equal amounts.

Giving us a peek at own experiences while also weaving the stories that surround her into her cathartic music, vi0let has the potential to stand out from the crowd.

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