Everybody Eats earns a Michelin star on “3 For 3” [Video]

Stockton-based rap squad Everybody Eats is back in the kitchen, this time cooking up a delectable ditty called “3 For 3” along with some slick visuals. The 1:48 runtime may seem more appetizer than main course, but the bars are so filling you’ll for sure need a doggy bag on your way out.

“3 For 3” kicks off like any great rap video: an emcee waxing poetic while he pushes an empty red shopping cart. That happens to be Everybody Eats rapper Marco Kane, whose lines might “go over your head like cornrows.” After Marco bodies the beat, fellow frontman Steve Spiffler jumps in to finish the track off with aplomb (and a dope Guns N’ Roses bar). Both spitters produced the track’s breakneck instrumental featuring crazy keys and claps. The organic drums throw it back to the days of cafeteria cyphers and lunch table beats powered by closed-fists and number two pencils.

Adding to the frenetic feel of “3 For 3” is the home-video-style cinematography by shooter William Corduroy. The shaky frame and close-ups capture the grit and hustle of Marco and Spiffler as they post up at the beach and maraud through the streets of San Francisco.

“3 For 3” is merely a teaser before Everybody Eats drops their second full-length album, due in the coming months. In the meantime you can chow down on their debut project.

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