Carla Patullo shares expansive new album, ‘So She Howls’

Carla Patullo has shared a new album, titled So She Howls. Based in Los Angeles, Patullo has written scores for over 30 films including ‘Maxine,’ a soon-to-be-released Disney+ film starring Margaret Cho; ‘Everybody Dies… Sometimes,’ which premiered at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival, ‘Magic Hour,’ an upcoming dramedy starring Miriam Shor; ‘My Name Is Maria De Jesus,’ an HBO Max Latino film; and ‘Porno,’ Fangoria’s recent SXSW hit. She also fronted the Brooklyn-formed rock act White Widow, served as musical director for the legendary comedian Sandra Bernhard, and has shared the stage with Liza Minnelli, Rufus Wainwright, Justin Vivian Bond and many more. Her latest release, So She Howls, is an emotive, potent record that acts an autobiographical journey about overcoming grief, healing, and seeking adventure after a near-death experience.

So She Howls features an entrancing combination of expansive vocals, orchestral swells of lush strings, and electronic-laced pulses. From the first few hypnotic soundscape of “If You Listen”, featuring Martha Mooke and Tonality,  Patullo’s story filled with grief, fear, and the unknown abyss of death is introduced sonically. The album transitions to that of inspiration with a lightness that ignites healing within the listener, with the airiness and elegance of tracks like “To Forest Scenes”. As the songs evolve from haunting, atmospheric sonic environments into uplifting anthems of recovery and resilience, So She Howls follows Patullo’s resolute path in seeking courage, healing, and ultimately, adventure. 

Patullo’s latest is a rich, orchestral journey through tribulation and recovery, expressed through luscious orchestrations of swelling strings, dreamy keys, and thoughtful electronic flourishes. Demonstrating her versatility as a composer and her ability to paint visually detailed sonic landscapes, So She Howls is an epic new offering from the LA composer and instrumentalist.

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