Fang Su shares a wonderful EP called “Kiba”

Fang Su has released a new EP called “Kiba.” Fang Su is fascinating with this five-track EP. The EP offers a unique blend of lo-fi music that redefines the dance and electronic genres.

“Kiba” showcases Fang Su’s unique music style and his artistic soul. The EP starts with “Kansha,” a song that delights the listener with its slumberous rhythm. The journey continues with “Fushigi” and “Alluring Gloom,” equally interesting.

“Kiba” is a concise EP, only 8 minutes and 40 seconds long, but it is a powerful musical experience. Each song reveals a new aspect of Fang Su’s artistic identity, and the EP offers a glimpse into his emotional world.

Fang Su’s music is phenomenal because it blends the raw and the refined. The lofi elements of this EP create a soundscape that feels both intimate and vast. With “Kiba,” Fang Su has created a must-list for anyone interested in dance and electronic music and those who appreciate the beauty of artistic expression.

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