Fischer King releases thought provoking "Memory Into Error" [Video]

Los Angeles based alt electronica singer, composer and producer Fischer King just released his new single and visuals for "Memory Into Error." Widely known for his dynamic blend of dark, rugged and distorted soundscapes, the artist's new single transcends into fresh new territory where King showcases his ability to create lucid, ethereal sonic landscapes against a vibrant cinematic backdrop.

In "Memory Into Error," Fischer King explores deception as it relates to the human mind, and how our narrative of events and experiences ultimately create our perceived reality. Fischer King Further confides, "In a broad sense it's about how things slip away – time, people, life – both in a literal sense, and the way you feel about them. But more specifically, it's about how deeply malleable human memory is. It's not a photograph or a recording. Memories invariably become stories that you've told yourself over and over and over again. And sometimes those stories are better than the truth." Featuring reflective lyricism and emotive vocals that rush with emotion and energy, the track is complete with pulsating synths, a dreamy melody and multi-dimensional soundscapes that emanate with many layers of meaning. In the accompanying visuals, Fischer King is seen as the man behind the curtain, heavily caught up in introspection and memories of the past, while glowing lights and changing patterns illuminate his body and the space around him.

Fischer King's signature sound is his "pitch-black alternative pop." Drawing influence from artists such as NIN, James Blake, Claude Debussy, and Herbie Hancock, the artist takes elements from a wide range of styles and eras to form an eclectic and progressive sound. Aside from releasing original music, King has worked on film scores for the film This Is Your Song as well as the documentary Into That Good Night – The Last of The Nightingales.

Check out Fischer King's new single and visuals for "Memory Into Error" here and take an honest look into the inner workings of your mind.

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