Froogle agrees “Patience” is a virtue on mesmerizing new single [Video]

Froogle, who reshaped his music from the EDM world to the indie/bedroom-pop landscape last year, arrives with his latest single “Patience.” Accompanied with a lighthearted lyric video, the tranquil track marks the fifth single of 2020 for the Houston-based Latin American producer, singer, and songwriter. 

On “Patience,” Froogle places his sonic brush on an alt-pop, jazz-influenced, and Latin-tinged canvas. The genre-fluid effort showcases his honest, candid lyricism with dulcet vocals to boot. It’s his most relatable track to date as Froogle navigates the narrative of how things take time, at least the most fulfilling things in life that is. With woozy, gliding melodies, lyrics sprung from 20-something-year-old perplexities, and an amiable lilt, “Patience” shows a sign of major growth for Froogle as he treks along a path in developing his true artistry.

“Relationships, art, career advancement. That stuff takes time and it’s hard but that’s the most rewarding thing. Not everything is Amazon Prime to your doorstep next day delivery. ‘I want it now,’ ‘I need it now,’” says Froogle speaking of his new single via email. “It’s not about that, this is a long game, we are here for a good amount of time so why not chase things that are highly rewarding that take longer instead of fast little replaceable instantaneous fickle things? I’m at my prime, I’m in my 20’s, I’m not gonna be on my deathbed thinking ‘huh’ what if I would have pursued music, what if I would have acted like an idiot on the internet for entertainment. I could always get a normal job and settle down, you can always settle down, but once you do it’s very hard to get that momentum back up and get a little crazy.”

On September 4th Froogle will be releasing a Genius Verified parody video via YouTube entitled “Clarified,” which explains the meaning of “Patience.” The new single follows his 2020 releases “Don’t Go Outside,” “Flow Now,” “Sorry Mama,” and “Way You Move.”

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