Gal Musette faces bittersweet emotions in "Ghost"

Indie folk artist and music prodigy Gal Musette just released her new single “Ghost." It’s a gut-wrenching expression of heartbreak, pain and suffering conveyed with poetic style and grace.

“Ghost” tells the tragic story of being in love with two people at the same time. As love triangles rarely have a happy ending, this song is an ode to romance lost. There is a deep sense of yearning and sadness woven into the composition, which features sweetly balanced vocals, intentional yet tender piano notes, and lush surrounds that tiptoe back and forth from traditional instrumentation to ethereal indie folk. The ‘ghost’ in the song “could be seen as a metaphor for an imaginary friend that stuck around a little overdue- even when you’ve grown up and shouldn’t be clinging to those fantasies anymore,” Gal confides. The artist also says she leaves much of the song open to interpretation by her listeners, as people connect with music based on their own experiences and perspectives. “Ghost” further features indie-rock band Coma Culture who add a layer of density, passion and experimentation to the stripped-back foundation.

Gal Musette is a singer/songwriter from San Clemente, California. The rising artist has collaborated with greats such as Rufus Wainwright, The Magnetic Fields, Donavon Frankenreiter among others. "Ghost" is the latest single from her upcoming debut full-length album Backwards Lullaby.

Listen to Gal Musette’s new single “Ghost” and dissolve into the memories once loved and never lost.

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