Gaspar Narby shares the poignant “Sirens” from new EP

23-year-old Swiss multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Gaspar Narby is a rare artist with the unique ability to encapsulate entire expansive moods within each transformative track. His articulate approach to downtempo bedroom pop revels in its charming melancholia and conducts itself with a presence akin to an intimate live performance. The now London-based Narby returns with perhaps his most expressive project to date, Transatlantic, one inspired by his own experiences with mental health and the impending demise of a long-distance relationship. Narby outlines in the email press release, “Being able to say “hey, I feel like shit, and it’s ok”, and to finally admit to myself that I was unwell felt super freeing.”

The lead single, “Sirens” is a true standout and one that represents the emotional breadth of the project.

It relates to a series of dreams that ensued after a near-death experience, ones which navigate the fallout of if things panned out differently. Starting out in a distinctly lofi atmosphere, Narby’s hypnotic tones ensnare your mind within an instant, hooking you in for all of it’s three and a half minute runtime. The production subtly builds around the vocal and concurrent ukulele, allowing the vocals to tug on your heartstrings more fervently; truly stellar work.

“Sirens” is out today on his Transatlantic EP, via Radicalis.

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