GILSKA drops fresh EDM-pop single “Overthinking”

London-based solo artist GILSKA, originating from Sri Lanka, has dropped her latest EDM-pop sensation, “Overthinking.”

The track adds another layer to GILSKA’s growing collection, showcasing her ability to blend infectious electronic beats with vivid pop melodies. Recognized by tastemaker press and BBC Radio Asian Network, her music resonates with audiences worldwide for its vibrancy, versatility, and emotive sound.

“Overthinking” dives into a world of pulsating synths and deep bass from the start. GILSKA’s smooth vocals glide over the electronic backdrop, delivering heartfelt lyrics that capture the complexities of starting anew. Explaining the track’s inspiration, GILSKA shares, “‘Overthinking’ offers insight into the mind of someone navigating a new relationship amidst past heartaches. Despite the anxiety, there’s a desire to dance away the pain.”

Trained in classical music, GILSKA’s evolution into electronic pop has garnered acclaim from big names, and her performances, include an appearance at Wembley Stadium, affirm her status as a rising star.

With each release, GILSKA invites listeners into her world, where music serves as both introspection and escape.

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