Yumi Zouma share a “My Palms Are Your Reference To Hold To Your Heart” alternate [Video]

Right as synth pop dreamers Yumi Zouma released their third album and embarked on a sold out tour, the world shut down because of COVID-19. The band’s Truth or Consequences tour started and ended in Washington, D.C. After some time at their respective homes, the members of Yumi Zouma started recording and exploring their new album. The result now comes as an album of alternate versions. Each week the band will be debuting a new track from the alternate Truth or Consequences. This week Yumi Zouma has shared a new take on “My Palms Are Your Reference To Hold Your Heart.”

This alternate version feels groovier than the original. Yumi Zouma amps up the bass line, percussion, and synths for a result that likely nods to how the track would have sounded in their live performance. The new instrumentation makes “My Palms Are You Reference To Hold Your Heart” sound like a disco or yacht rock classic. The band also made certain changes and highlights on some of the chord progressions in the alternate. These subtleties make all the difference and truly shows off Yumi Zouma’s genius level of songwriting.

There’s a boldness and sense of confidence that comes with these alternates, and it might not have happened as a whole album were it not for the pandemic. Look for Truth or Consequences – Alternate Versions to be released in full on October 28th. It’s available digitally but also physically on vinyl via Polyvinyl Records.

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