Golden Bug takes us on a psychedelic journey on “L’Effet Domino”

Golden Bug’s latest single, “L’Effet Domino,” emerges as a captivating voyage into the uncharted territories of leftfield electronica, showcasing the producer’s unmistakable flair for crafting otherworldly soundscapes. Teaming up with French luminaries The Limiñanas and Anna Jean of Juniore, Golden Bug ventures into a realm where retro-futurism collides with a dose of psychedelia.

The track unfolds like a mesmerizing journey along a slow-motion psychedelic highway, where hypnotic drum machine beats intertwine seamlessly with Anna Jean’s ethereal vocals and The Limiñanas‘ distinctive guitar melodies, infused with a touch of peyotl-induced haze. This sonic tapestry weaves together to create an immersive auditory experience that ensnares the senses from its opening notes to its final echoes.

Accompanied by a visually arresting music video, “L’Effet Domino” delves into poignant themes, ranging from environmental degradation to the societal impact of technology and the arms lobby. Through this single, Golden Bug not only showcases his prowess in pushing sonic boundaries but also hints at the thematic depth of his forthcoming album.

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