GRAACE shares empowering pop anthem “You Do You”

Australian singer, songwriter and all round pop-babe GRAACE shares her new anthemic single “You Do You”. The single is another stellar release from the star-in-the-making who’s creativity is truly exciting.

Underscored with a dark, rousing bass line, the single meets GRAACE’s preppy pop with full-frontal allure. Wrapped in euphoria and brimming with sparkling melodies, “You Do You” is a clear frontrunner in today’s pop releases. With hints of dancier undertones, the funk-leaning bass running throughout the single is seductive, it’s richness unearthing the need to hit repeat over and over again. 

Filtering messages of empowerment and reclaiming women’s ability to be both vulnerable and strong, GRAACE says this track speaks to those are “fucking owning the power that we have”. Speaking more about the track, she details, “it was inspired by the honeymoon phases of meeting someone. Personally, I’m somebody who doesn’t have a type and falls for personalities rather than looks or gender, it pulls me in like crazy when somebody has this certain energy about them.”

As an artist, GRAACE’s music has seen a rise in maturity. With each release, her music continues to showcase the glossiest of pop matched with incredible vocals and captivating artistry. “You Do You” is simply lush, addictive and quite heavenly pop at its finest. 

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