Grace McLean’s ‘My Lovely Enemy’ avant-garde pop to new heights [Album]

With a strong stage presence and a voice that’s been called one of North America’s most evocative, Grace McLean captures the music world’s attention with her first full album, ‘My Lovely Enemy’. Coming out on May 10th from Meridian/ECR Music Group (Sony), these 9 avant-garde pop songs make up an intricate musical tapestry and ‘My Lovely Enemy’ came at an important time in McLeans career following 3 singles that have earned her international praise and positioned her as someone to watch in music. Rolling Stone digs her sophisticated sound that defies simple labeling, while The New York Times celebrates her phenomenal artistry.

“I’m thrilled to finally put out this album because, amazingly”, it seems the world is listening McLean says excitedly. “These off-kilter pop songs about love and loss are resonating deeply with people, celebrating that exquisite tension when change begins”.

The opening song sets a reflective, resilient tone, drawing you into her exploration of love’s messiness. Songs like “Everybody Loves” showcase her skill at blending complex music with personal stories reconstructing her life.

Produced by Justin Goldner and mixed by Jack DeBoe (worked with some cool artists like Tyler the Creator), “My Lovely Enemy” has some awesome sounds on it that make you think of both good and tough times in love. Her songwriting which Broadway World said pulls off being complex but still raw emotionally, makes the album hit you in the gut and in the brain.

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