Gus Harvey goes back to her roots on experimental EP ‘England’

England-based musician Gus Harvey is taking her enchanting hazy alt-pop sound and channeling it into her latest offering, a 4-track EP entitled England out today. The experimental electronic pop project is an ode to her English roots as spoken word vocals detail the journey from her time spent in Berlin and returning to her hometown in England. 

Tracks like “GARDEN ♢” is written from the point of view of the earth and kicks off the 4-track EP with a hazy air. “THE FRANGIPANI FELLOWSHIP ♧” goes for a more experimental point of view, sampling pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodian music. Harvey shares with us “It’s about the psychopathically-flowery naming of something awful, like “special relationship”. It’s inspired by a lot of films and documentaries broadly about the Vietnam war, and dating an ex-marine.”

The earlier tracks on the EP hold darker energy as it stands next to the following singles. With a gentle piano introduction and lighter ease around it “BSXIT ♡” mixes some hip-hop verses courtesy of the freestyling bars of UK rapper Hypeman Sage.  The EP closes with “ALBION ♤” her lead single, a wistful ballad inspired by a historic pub of the same name. Over email she shared, “We made Albion in abandoned buildings of the UK; a church and a Kray Twins pub in Hackney. The guitars have the whole church’s reverb – the amp was one end and the mic raised up at the other. The whole Albion project is inspired by “outliving”, the aftermath moments of something awful. When we shot the video, I was channelling the morning after the last election – devastated. That’s represented by my blue party hat.” With a delicate use of environment and heritage Gus Harvey has conjured her 4-track EP in pure authenticity. 

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