Harri Pick delivers an infectious track “Broke”

London-based talent Harri Pick delivers an infectious mix of thrashing drums, vibrant guitars and bold vocal lines on textured number “Broke,” rooted in a refreshing indie-rock style. Leading on her trademark combination of larger-than-life soundscape and honest yet empowering lyricism, Pick pulls inspiration from small moments of her life to craft a colourful sonic world.

Inspired by a visit to her parents, the track transforms a relatable moment of financial panic into an expansive and immersive musical experience, building upon an amusing backstory to craft something uplifting.

Speaking of the track, she says “Broke came about when I went to visit my parents after my birthday. I had just come back from visiting my partner’s family in Scotland and we arrived back in London. I opened my bank account, which I did in fact, have 74p in.”

Continuing the amusing tale, she said, “My parents had previously asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I wasn’t sure. I then had a letter for council tax and I decided to ask them for some money rather than a present. My dad asked how much I wanted, I said I don’t mind because I felt bad asking for money anyway. He proceeded to send me £1 and put Money by The Flying Lizards on whilst laughing at sending me £1.”

Somerset born, Pick who honed her artistry at the The London College of Music has managed to carve a unique space for herself with an upbeat musicality tinged with a perfect touch of vulnerability.

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