Harry Hudson & Astrid S embark on a new beginning by “Closing Doors”

Harry Hudson is a singer-songwriter and alternative artist, who has finally given fans that much-anticipated taste of what is to come off his debut 15-track album with “Closing Doors”, a song that sees the Los Angeles-based artist team up with Norwegian pop aficionado Astrid S.

Harry Hudson · Closing Doors (feat. Astrid S)

Hudson and Astrid S bring the best parts of both of their worlds together. “Closing Doors” features soothing, melodic vocals that shine prominently over the single-led atmospheric piano instrumental for the entire song. Additionally this song is sonically dominated from the very beginning of the slow building stroke of piano keys and lyrically by the shared over arching melodic vocal aspect of Hudson and Astrid—they equally share time speaking each lyric authentically and clearly enough for the listener to understand the story throughout the piece and up until the climax.

“Closing Doors” is taken from Hudson’s highly anticipated debut album Hey, I’m Here For You, due out for release November 20 via MSFTS/Roc Nation

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