HEIGHTS shines on the ‘Glow’ EP

HEIGHTS is a self-produced songwriter that, through her music, creates a unique style and emotive form of bedroom pop. Her goal is to produce music that could soundtrack an indie coming-of-age film, which adds an interesting extra dimension to her approach. 

Her latest offering comes in the form of an EP entitled Glow. It’s a project born out of instability, it documents a new love, crumbling friendships and deteriorating mental health. HEIGHTS navigates these complex emotions, creating music that bounces between euphoric, empowering and devastating. The instrumentation throughout the EP is captivatingly simple. Blends of the kinds of synths and drums that define the bedroom pop genre with experimental sound effects and creative vocal harmony come together to form a dreamy naivety to the emotions, a blind hope that takes both happiness and sadness in its stride.

On the new EP, she says “Releasing this EP feels like I’m finally closing the heavy door on that tumultuous time of my life. Living through it was tough, and while recording was challenging, it was also cathartic and necessary. I’m now ready for the final part of the healing process, and that’s why releasing it now feels like the best time. I want to feel empowered and feel that glow and find the light at the end of the tunnel.”

There’s a real beauty to the music in this EP and an exciting direction for HEIGHTS to continue to explore for future projects. Enchanting and confident, whatever’s next is sure to be equally impressive.

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