Sixsense delivers a slick sound on “AYANNA”

London-based artist Sixsense is once again shaking up the music scene with his latest creation, “AYANNA”. This fresh release blends Afrobeat-inspired, Latin R&B with soothing melodies and meticulous production- showcasing Sixsense’s innovative approach. Beyond just a love song, “AYANNA” reflects on the complexities of growing up, evoking a poignant nostalgia for cherished memories.

Following the success of his previous release, “CUENTAME”, Sixsense continues to impress with his emotionally charged compositions. This new track seamlessly weaves warm acoustic melodies with electronic rhythms, exploring themes of love and wistful longing for the past, wrapped up in soul-stirring beats and an all-encompassing soundscape.

Raised in Santiago de Chile and London, Sixsense’s multicultural background infuses his music with a unique perspective. Recalling his musical journey, Sixsense credits his parents for igniting his passion by purchasing an electric piano. From those early days of self-exploration, his music has evolved into a captivating blend of cultural influences.

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