LEAP delves into his mental health struggles on "Energies"

Edinburgh-born indie-rock musician LEAP aka Jacky Balfour Scott delivers addictive rock track “Energies,” exploring his own mental health issues within frenetic soundscape founded on heavy beats, enticing riffs and raw lyricism. Taking us deep inside his psyche, the song delves into the moments when exhilaration veers into loss of control, inspired by his own experience with being bi-polar. 

With an anthemic, electronica-tinged alt-rock sound that’s heightened by his powerful vocals yet softened by the personal style of song writing, the track is refreshingly real in the vivid, intimate stories that journey through London’s underbelly, heading straight into his creative mind. Made to be deeply relatable to anyone who has experienced the contradictions of the mind exacerbated by mental health struggles, “Energies” places us in Scott’s mind as mad rushes of excitement sweep through it.

Having released his first two singles and sold out his debut headline show only last year, 2021 sees LEAP try his hand at refining his sound, moving out his signature DIY artistry, as “Energies” infuses an uplifting, emotive feel into his indie-rock musicality.

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