IAMI brings the heat on 1HX’s debut release

London-based IAMI has joined the 1HX imprint with his latest EP, Stats / Drift / Sins / Mire. A sister project to Fallen Tree 1Hundred — a label brought to life by Goldie to cater for music beyond his usual sound — 1HX is a new dance-focused collective set to make waves on the UK scene. IAMI’s four-track EP is influenced by UKG, Breakbeat and Jungle, resulting in a concoction of devilishly good tunes to brighten the day.

“Drift” eases things in with just over six minutes of dubs, hypnotic synths and delicate breaks. Perfect for warming things up at the club or for deep at-home listening, “Drift” has what it takes to satisfy in all areas. “Mire” slips into the stride of things with ethereal pads, as a speech about sound design is layered in. When the bassline gains strength, the UKG influences shine through to make this one a certified summer banger. Perfect for afternoons with the sun on your back, it makes an ideal soundtrack for the new Fridays we’ve all become accustomed to.

As the title might suggest, things take on a darker, more club-orientated sound in “Sins”. Potent breaks and heavy bass kick things up ten notches, with no doubts that this one was made for deep into the rave. An easy standout, this one will be melting dancefloors for years to come, and we can’t wait to hear it through a pair of Funktion Ones.  The closing track “Stats” follows closely on the same wavelength. There’s breakbeats galore, disrupted vocals and the bass is evil; what more could you want in a dance track? Lashings of whirls and occasional bleeps give this one all the bonus points too. From the at-home selections to dancefloor mayhem, IAMI is kicking off 1HX in serious style.

Stats / Drift / Sins / Mire can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Bandcamp.

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