Indie rockers THE JACKS delve into the end of a relationship in "Mess I'm In"

Rising indie rockers THE JACKS explore the nuances of relationship that’s reached its natural end within the enchanting soundscape of “Mess I’m In,” a  guitar-led offering built around frontman Jonny Stanback’s sleek vocals. With a catchy melody that’s as upbeat as it is emotive, the track taps into Jonny’s experience of returning to California after the end of a relationship.

Boasting a raucous beat softened by harmonic melodies, “Mess I’m In,” highlights the crossroads of emotions juxtaposing the uplifting notions of relief and freedom with the sombre moments of isolation, loneliness, and longing. Striking the delicate balance between positive and negative in a creative combination of fun instrumentals and thoughtful lyricism, the self-produced single establishes the band’s ability to make music fit for any mood you’re in.  

With two EPs under their belts, THE JACKS have tapped into a gritty performance style to make lasting impressions very early on in their career, are on the cusp of a new musical era. At times delicate and at others roaring with power, the quartet bring to life the diversity of the indie rock sound, with “Mess I’m In,” developing as the latest milestone in the path towards their forthcoming debut album.

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