Milan McAlevey captures the beauty of friendship on “Whatever It Was”

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Milan McAlevey delves finding refuge in friendship and the comfort of connection on “Whatever It Was,” the focus track from their new album Islands of Milans. With layers of groovy drums and soothing vocals, the sultry number paints a beautiful picture drenched in nostalgia.

Inspired by a real-life friendship and a bucket list trip from Maine to Memphis in the 90s, the gentle and floaty offering is hinged on a dreamy and folksy signature led by storytelling and a transportive voice.

Speaking of the track, he says,” ‘Whatever It Was’ is about finding spiritual refuge in friendship and authentic connection, seeking an antidote to the 3 am scaries, that terrifying existential dread that comes from overly engaging in the human world.”

With the new album coming alive as the perfect encapsulation of Milan McAlevey’s work over the last decade, this powerhouse establishes himself as someone capable of leading us into a transcendental sonic world.

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