[INTERVIEW] Jason Maxwell’s heartfelt odyssey in ‘JASON (Just Another Singer Online)’

In the heart of Canada’s vibrant music scene, Jason Maxwell has emerged as a rising star with his debut album JASON (Just Another Singer Online), a collection of songs resonant with authenticity and capturing the essence of a young artist’s resilience and his heartfelt journey to carving a unique niche for himself

Maxwell’s journey into the music world wasn’t paved with roses. Seven years ago, he was booked to open for Chad Brownlee at The KEE to Bala, a pivotal moment that would shape his artistry but not without its challenges. He found himself facing online ridicule and doubt, igniting a competitive fire within him that still burns to this day. “I remember two girls making fun of me in the comments section on one of my posts, saying I was just another online singer and that I didn’t deserve to play at The KEE,” he recalls.

However, the artist’s competitive spirit was ignited. Recounting how he used that scepticism as fuel to deliver an unforgettable performance, he says, “I like to wear criticism or doubt like a chip on my shoulder. I grew up playing sports, so I have an innate competitive side. I’ll take the name they gave me and wear it proudly.”

And wear it he does, as his debut album’s title playfully dances with the irony of being just another online singer, while beneath the surface lies a world of unique creativity and profound expression.

Honing an artistry that consistently defies the notion of conformity, Maxwell’s music is a vibrant testament to his refusal to be confined to stereotypes. “I ain’t afraid to stand out and be different,” he proudly asserts. “I have no brakes when it comes to pushing the accepted boundaries, and I’ve got a unique style of content, to say the least.”

The story behind the creation of JASON is as intriguing as the music itself. The album’s creation wasn’t the product of ordinary studio sessions, as Maxwell took his creative journey to a remote cabin, far removed from the noise of the digital world, where even Wi-Fi was a distant memory. There, amidst nature’s embrace, Maxwell found the inspiration to pen the majority of the album’s tracks.

“We’d enjoy the outdoors in the morning, spitball ideas in the afternoon, and by nighttime, we’d have two songs done every day,” he shares.

The creative process wasn’t confined to conventional boundaries; even parody song rewrites found their way into the mix, keeping the atmosphere light and imaginative. Later, he returned to the city to cut demos and mess around with the pre-production elements before travelling to Nashville to record the final product.

From humble beginnings to well-tuned technical prowess,  Maxwell’s pop-country steeped artistic identity has seen an organic evolution. “Nowadays I go with whatever sounds like the best organic fit,” he explains, showcasing his willingness to break away from the industry’s mould to explore and experiment.

He continues, “I feel like I’ve finally found my vocal sweet zone, my comfortable pocket in terms of range and tonality, and now it’s just a matter of mastering my parameters. On the song writing side, I like to think my skills have improved tenfold, but I think that’s for the listener to decide.”

Attributing his vocal growth and song writing prowess to collaborative efforts with seasoned writers, Maxwell notes “I try to pick their brains and sponge up as much expertise as I can,” emphasising his commitment to constant improvement.

The journey of creating music isn’t without its peaks and valleys. For Maxwell, the most rewarding aspect of creating music lies in the emotional connection it fosters and bridges between the artist and the audience.

“Seeing people connect with my art since I see my art as an intangible extension of who I am as a person, and seeing these songs resonating with people far and near, whether it’s because of the sonic vibes created through production or whether it’s because of the meaning embedded within the lyrics.. there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing someone connect with what I consider to be a piece of me.”

Meanwhile he admits the challenge he faces in the painstaking process of selecting which songs to record and release. He says, “I find it so difficult to take a 20-song list and narrow it down.”

With his current artistry captured by the fitting three-word summation of “Vibrant, spirited, and passionate,” Maxwell envisions a future venturing into new territory and promising sonic experiments. “I could definitely be swayed into releasing a Dance-Pop remix of my song ‘Home,'” he muses, showcasing his open-minded approach to the evolving landscape of music and traversing new territories while maintaining its core essence.

Inviting listeners to experience life through his eyes and his music, painting emotions with vibrant strokes, Jason Maxwell’s journey has only just begun, and as his artistry continues to evolve, we eagerly anticipate the stories he’ll tell next, tapping into the extraordinary within the ordinary with a harmonious echo of authenticity.

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