ENAKA delivers infectious number “Heart Strings”

Cameroonian-American director/singer-songwriter/producer ENAKA delivers infectious number “Heart Strings,” featuring her shimmering vocal lines over a colourful mix of pop, R&B, rap and hip-hop.

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Delving into the whimsical nature of love, the upbeat track manages to tug at our heartstrings in a humorous manner. The soulful track merges groovy basslines and atmospheric synths, broken up by catchy beats, to weave a vibe that’s equally fun and emotive.

Swaying between ecstatic joy and unsure moments, the track encapsulates the hypnotic nature of being charmed by a special someone, with ENAKA’s infectious artistry shining strong and bright.

As a queer, Black artist who brings her unique experiences to life through her music, ENAKA builds a sonic world that’s uplifting, engaging and safe for anyone to find solace in. Having taught herself how to play guitar and produce, this promising talent is worth keeping on your radar.

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