IZZA navigates relationships on debut EP Thinking In The Dark

London singer-songwriter IZZA explores relationships with the world and ourselves on debut EP Thinking In The Dark, a collection of seven songs which bring together soulful vocal tones over intricate melodies. Channelling dark soul pop sensibilities, the emotive production pulls us through diverse sonics and consistent contemplative themes throughout.

Starting with pulsing beats and stripped back feels of “Apocalypse,” the EP launches into the hazy stylings of “Silence,” as gospel-tinged instrumentals lean into soaring group vocals to highlight IZZA’s bold voice. Thinking In The Dark manages to find the balance between sombre moments and upbeat harmonies, moving from the R&B feels of “Made My Mind,” to the high-tempo guitar-led “Lows,” in a seamless showcase of her sonic versatility.

Her ability to switch music styles is most stark on “Drowning,” which shifts away from the catchy, trap nuances of “Lows,” into the minimalistic piano-led stand out that weaves a comforting atmosphere hinged on IZZA’s soft, wispy voice. She returns to a more pop-led soundscape towards the end of the EP, as the relatable message of going back to the same relationship again and again on the anthemic “That Song,” fades into a layered, hyper-emotional “Only Truth,” as she reminds us that we are never alone in our thoughts or feelings.

Having been in love with music since a young age, IZZA’s sonic evolution is on display as she takes us through several emotions rooted in the ebb and flow of her delicate instrumentals.

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