Jackboy shares exhilarating new visual for “Protecting My Energy” [Video]

Florida artist Jackboy has shared a new visual for his song “Protecting My Energy”. This bouncy cut is optimistic and energetic, and the accompanying visual bolsters the hopeful mood of the track.

Jackboy is originally from Haiti, but moved to Broward County, Florida at a young age. A definite rising star, he has gained momentum for his inspirational style and entertaining personality. His last two albums, Lost In My Head and Jackboy, were highly successful, netting over 50 million streams on Spotify. Furthermore, he has received a heavy co-sign from Kodak Black, who invited him to join his crew Sniper Gang.

Now, Jackboy has returned with a superb release in “Protecting My Energy”. The instrumental for this new track is centred around uplifting pianos and floating strings, which join together to create a soaring melody. Underneath, deep 808s and crisp drums provide a powerful rhythm section. Jackboy comes through with some charismatic verses containing catchy melodies. Topically, he reflects on the hurdles he overcame to reach towering heights in his music career.

The accompanying visual for “Protecting My Energy” is optimistic and free-spirited, adding to the track’s positive vibe. The video depicts Jackboy making the most out of life, enjoying activities like skydiving and skiing. It makes for an exciting viewing and keeps one on their toes throughout.

Overall, “Protecting My Energy” is a strong release from Jackboy. It is a heartfelt, passionate song and the visual is light-hearted and freeing, adding to the mood of the track. One can certainly await a new full-length project from Jackboy with much anticipation.

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