Jacob Violet drops emo-rap production “Mixed Signs”

Rising act Jacob Violet channels his struggles into cathartic emo-rap offering “Mixed Signs,” which sees come together with long-term collaborative partner Sonne to craft a gentle blend of pop-punk melodies and dark chill-trap layers.

Rooted in echoing beats given a hazy edge with his soft, emotive vocals, the track oozes a moody vibe that goes with the exploration and escape from a toxic situation in his life. Encapsulating the sort of soundscape he had always hoped to hone, “Mixed Signs,” sees Violet make the best out of a hard moment in his life, emerging with a stronger, more steady artistry.

Having fallen in love with electronic music at the young age of 12, Violet has fervently worked to perfect his craft, building a soothing sonic which encompasses every part of his life, bridged by intimate song writing.

Now, at a point in his journey where he’s able to seamlessly execute genre-blended productions, “Mixed Signs,” looks set to be stepping stone for this emerging act’s ever-evolving musicality.

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