Leon Bridges captivates fans with an evening at the GRAMMY museum

Soulful Texas talent Leon Bridges appeared at the GRAMMY museum on Monday October 28 for a very extraordinary evening. The night began with the viewing of a 20-minute short film, For It Shall Perish And Never Leave Us Again, directed by Academy Award nominee, Bradford Young (Selma, When They See Us). The visuals were crafted to accompany the release of his third album, Gold-Diggers Sound. The film takes songs from his album such as "Born Again," "Steam," and "Blue Mesas" and stunningly showcases those tracks. Each piece is placed with vivid shots that allow the music to truly come alive. Within the work we see picturesque nature scenes evoking a sense of calm. There is a regal presence about Bridges as he stands cloaked in a mirrored cape as “Born Again” commences. The moments with his mom provide us a personal glimpse into who he is at the core, illustrating a great caring and sensitivity that is so beautiful to watch. The masterful spoken word woven throughout offers even deeper meaning to the film.

After the film Bridges and the short’s director sat down for a chat moderated by Chris Black (host of the How Long Gone podcast) diving deep into the film's profound messages and discussing the singer’s new album. The event concluded with an intimate performance of a few songs. Bridges presented himself on stage with a graceful elegance, embodying every raw emotion as he sang.

The R&B artist titled his album Gold-Diggers Sound to pay homage to the boutique bar/hotel it was recorded at. The album was released July 23 of this year. The offering is inspired by those experiences and relationships that had a strong impact on his life. Talking about everything from how to please someone to police brutality, it takes listeners on a unique, introspective journey. It was incredible to see Bridges transport the album’s mood to the screen for such a striking interpretation.   

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