Jason Flames shares new album 'It's Always Been There'

Emerging Brooklyn, New York rapper Jason Flames shares his 12 track project It's Always Been There which dives into his love for hip-hop, sublime soundscapes, and lyricism. His style is a mix of off-beat melodic runs that switch into vivid lyrical stylings but for the most part, he keeps it easy for listeners to follow the message being conveyed.

The project opens up with the dreamy sounds of " I'm Still Here," which dives into Flame's determination to make a name for himself in the game. The track is punctuated by layered piano riffs, atmospheric strings, and a laidback melodic performance by the rapper. "2 Tha Face" sees him collaborating with Matty Wood$ over a dark ominous bass-heavy trap beat. The duo take turns in sharing their thoughts on staying true to one's integrity regardless of the situation. This segue's into the atmospheric sounding "Zone" where he displays his bravado to the maximum. He delivers a fiery performance over the pounding beat and reminds listeners that he sometimes loves to be by himself say from the madding crowd. The next two tracks "How Do U Feel" and "Namek" have a mellow somber vibe and showcase Flames' nonchalant flow and stream of consciousness style in vivid detail. Tracks like "Please Don't Take My Peace Away" and "Barely Good Enough" sees the rapper digging deep and reflecting on his own decisions and personal issues. The introspectiveness sure gives a different side and some insight into his life; Flames can hold his own and the features only help to spice things up and don't particularly overwhelm his style. 

The Brooklyn native started making songs at the age of 14 and focused more on being a songwriter but as time went on, he started diving into different styles of music and eventually finding his voice to fuse everything he loves into one. He has a handful of solo projects under his belt such as his Phoenix EP, NeoSoul, and the throwaway project Stuck in the Mud.

It's Always Been There is the follow-up to last year's Phoenix project.Get It's Always Been There on all DSPs here

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