Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams celebrate Black businesses on “Entrepreneur” [Video]

Two extremely successful Black entrepreneurs, Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams, have released an empowering track “Entrepreneur.” Through the music and its coordinating video, both of these renowned artists celebrate all Black businesses and Black entrepreneurs and their ability to, against all odds, use self-sufficiency to make it in America. 
We can always count on Jay-Z to use his platform to speak about important issues that the Black people are facing, particularly regarding the inequalities and injustices that the Black community has dealt with from the beginning of time to this day. If it wasn’t clear before (which it should’ve been), the protests following the murder of George Floyd have made it even clearer how much change needs to be implemented in society. Through exceptional lyricism, Jay-Z paints a beautiful picture of Black excellence, rapping about how these businessmen and businesswomen created their own paths to success, since many wanted to count them out. With his intriguing unique style and soothing voice, Pharrell makes entrepreneurism sound like a graceful choice even with all the risks and hardships that were presented to them.
These words are supported by the perfect video, displaying how Black people had to take success into their own hands due to a system that is designed for many to fail. Showcasing many different black businesses and entrepreneurs thriving, such as vegan food, clothes, and valedictorians, we are left inspired and in awe of their achievements as the lyrics perfectly match the visual. The words and the visual combined with the uplifting beats that are present throughout this track are flawless, especially when the words “Black Man, Black Man, Black Man” are sung, adding even greater strength to the message. Support Black businesses. 
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