Jimkata sends wave of optimism in "Skinny Dipping" [Video]

NY based electro rock band Jimkata brings back the magic of the 80s with their new retro inspired video for "Skinny Dipping," which is off their full length album, Bonfires.

“Skinny Dipping” is about being vulnerable, taking risks, and living your life to the fullest even when the world around you seems to be “falling down.” After a tough year, it's the kind of wisdom that we all really need to hear. The band uses skinny dipping as a metaphor for jumping into life with bravery and embracing all of its adventures, including trials and tribulations.

The song is laced with spirited vocals, catchy lyricism, and bouncy, dynamic indie dance production. Creative and fun synth patterns add to the song's undeniable funky flair, with an unexpected “bubbly” twist at the end of the track. Despite the song's hopefulness, the listener can still hear tints of darkness and fear with such lyrics including, "but now the news today is bleak.  And it's only getting bleaker." Evan Friedell (vocalist) confides, “In the case of this song, I had this fun, dancy beat but as soon as I came up with 'What do you do when you think the world is falling down?' I realized I was really reckoning with a deep cynicism about the state of the world and the path we’re headed down. So I think in the song there’s a back and forth between someone with this kind of hopeless, apocalyptic attitude and someone who’s more of an eternal optimist, moving forward regardless of what’s going on in the world.”

The video for "Skinny Dipping" features the band jamming out together through the lens of a classic 80s themed music video. The shots are filled with abstract concepts, bits of nostalgia, and a strong sense of optimism.

Jimkata is a three-piece band out of Ithaca consisting of Evan Friedell, Aaron Gorsch and Packy Lunn. The trio is best known for their bright funky synths and eclectic rock sounds. The band just released their latest album Bonfires and plans to start touring again this year.

Check out the all new video for "Skinny Dipping" and remember that life is short, so get naked!

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