jocelvn shares emotive and hard-hitting visuals for hypnotic single “dreamperson”

Budding alternative R&B musician jocelvn shares emotive and hard-hitting visuals for hypnotic single “dreamperson,” led by soul-stirring sonics and haunting lyricism. With an expansive deep bass beat wrapping around her dream-like vocal lines, the track is a float slice of R&B-tinged pop that plays with the idea of summoning an ex.

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Laden with ruminations on themes of loss, death, love yearning and grieving, the poetic production is framed by vulnerability and cutthroat honesty as her raw yet sultry delivery sweeps above slow beats to make for a captivating and chill listening experience.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, she says, “The song is based on a short story written by a friend, about someone who’s lost their lover tragically and is searching for them by revisiting their old karaoke spots and trying to summon them by singing their favourite songs. In the process, they’ve also realised dynamics within the relationship that they should have corrected – so the song is also about caring for someone in the ways that they want to be cared for.”

The music video elevates the love-laden but tragic core message of the track as it unveils story of someone who’s just lost their partner. Infusing comfort and healing to rid us of the negative energy brought on by loss or heartache

Catchy and soothing all at once, the track celebrates jocelvn’s textured and compelling musicality as she leaves feeling emotional yet uplifted, leaving us excited for what’s to come.

Having explored her musical talents after performing at local college festivals, this multicultural artist melds their expansive influences to carve out a fluid yet steady space within the  Alt-R&B/Soul space

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