Joey Burbs pursues his dreams on “Day Job” [Video]

Chicago musician Joey Burbs has shared a new visual for his single “Day Job”.

Burbs first broke onto the music scene with his 2019 album Not in That Order, an upbeat hip-hop influenced pop project. The album’s colorful production and anthemic vocals gained Burbs a wider following, netting millions of streams.

For this new single Burbs gets personal, detailing his transformation from corporate life to pursuing a music career. He reflects upon the struggles that came along with his transition, such as being a self-employed artist during the pandemic. For Burbs, this was an intense period of change that led to much personal and artistic growth.

The progression that Burbs has experienced certainly shines through on “Day Job”, for he presents mature and well-crafted songwriting. It is evident that he has been honing his craft, as he comes through with sharply written storytelling and refined melodies. Bright guitars and saturated drums underscore the vocals, providing an optimistic, cheerful backdrop. The song creates a feeling of hope, the sense that one can overcome challenging circumstances and immense life changes.

The messaging of the visual is similar, with a theme of pushing towards brighter days during difficult times. The video depicts Burbs in front of a variety of vividly colored backdrops, giving a self-assured performance of his new single. It has a behind the scenes, DIY vibe, which adds to the relatability of “Day Job”.

In conclusion, this single’s mature songwriting and down-to-earth vibes are captivating. Burbs tells a story that is timely with this pandemic, and presents it in a catchy, engaging bundle.

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