Johan Lenox and Ant Clemons share lush single, "You Up?"

Composer and producer Johan Lenox has connected with singer Ant Clemons for a lush new single entitled "You Up?". This release marks another addition to Lenox's impressive resume, one that includes work with Kanye West, Lil Nas X, Travis Scott, and more. Working within his traditional orchestral sound, "You Up?"'s rich, warm production melds smoothly with Clemons' refreshing vocal style, making for an infectious sonic blend.

Making up the heart of "You Up?"'s instrumental, wistful strings are layered over top of one another to create a dense, textured soundscape. Beneath, crisp drums provide an enticing groove, aided by bouncy 808s. Clemons provides some stellar vocals here as well, with his distinctive, emotive style complementing the instrumental nicely. The pairing of his melodies with Lenox's composition sounds organic, and the chemistry they share shines throughout. 

Overall, "You Up?" marks another memorable release from Lenox and Clemons, with its nocturnal, immersive sound capturing an intriguing mood. Considering the strength of this track, one can hope for a longer project from the duo, who bring unique touches that complement each other naturally. 

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