JRoberts and Jae Skeese wants “All Or Nothing” (Produced By IM’PERETIV)

Toronto, Canada-based rapper JRoberts returns to our site with his new single “All Or Nothing”. The hard-hitting lyric-driven track is produced by hardworking underground hip-hop producer IM’PERETIV who laces him with a laidback and somewhat cinematic jazz backdrop. The beat has a retro TV show theme-esque vibe and it’s perfect for JRoberts and Jae Skeese to show listeners what they have in store. JRoberts leads the charge with his full vocal tone and smooth flow filled with pop references but the fun begins when he sends shots at the opposition with lines like “Reg Chapman the way Im snapping against the mic/Catching heights, dunking on opponents like Jordan taking flight/Not with the jazz, I’m throwing rappers like I’m Uncle Phil/Hold the piece underneath the belt like a buckle steel“. Jae Skeese follows suit with his distinct cadence and longwinded punchlines like “I be reflecting on all of my progressions like quarterbacks, studying the film sessions, a gunslinger I step up my calibre and that’s when I turned into a real weapon and took aim at my goals like gun ranges” which gives the track a different feel.

JRoberts dropped his debut album NORTHSIDE in 2022 and is about to drop his sophomore album in 2023.

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