Memorial delves into betrayal within friendships on “Silver”

Acclaimed alt-folk duo Memorial delves into betrayal within friendships on sweeping production “Silver,” rooted in their rich indie-folk musicality.

A glimpse of the alluring tenderness to come on their upcoming LP, the mesmerising number ruminates on dedicating your life to someone.The vivid anthem unfolds how a hyper-focus on protecting one particular bond can lead to isolation and sacrifice of who we are.

Speaking of the track, they say, “We witnessed a friend dedicate years of their life to a working friendship, which became an important part of their identity. We witnessed them exiled in absence of validity. We wrote from their perspective, adjusting to life outside of this group, the feeling of abandonment but also witnessing the power of their independence. It’s also about the support from a soulmate who provides a place of safety and stability that can’t be affected by any outside influence.”

Intimate yet resonant in its vulnerable reflections, the track is yet another impressive mark towards their second studio album Redsetter, leaving us with much to look forward to.

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