Keithian’s “Communicate” dives into his personal pain

New Orleans, Louisiana born genre-fusing act Keithian shares his second single “Communicate” as he prepares to drop his independent EP release later this year. The artist has been behind the scenes writing and producing for others and was even signed to Virgin Records for a short period. But after two unsuccessful attempts to release music through them, he decided to take control of his own career.

“Communicate” is a heartfelt song that talks about mental health and also taps into Keithian’s Cuban roots with its jazzy salsa vibes. He and Caribbean producer and keyboardist Oliver Delcros-Sainville pulled out the big guns on this tune bridging the worlds of R&B, salsa, jazz with some elements of hip-hop. From the groovy drums, lush bright keys, and Keithian’s commanding vocals, the track exudes a plethora of emotions stemming from real-life events. Keithian adds via email that he was inspired to write the song after a close friend of his committed suicide. This incident hit him hard and he felt maybe if there was an avenue for communication things could have been different. Far from laying the blame on anyone, Keithian uses the song to open up a dialogue for those who may be going through similar situations and implores them to speak up and not shy away from letting their voice be heard.

“Communicate” is taken from Keithian’s forthcoming To my Pain EP. Get it on all platforms here.

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