Lowcats explore funk, disco & pop on soulful new single “Dance”

Lowcats, two longtime friends and collaborators, Chris and Paul, dropped their latest track, “Dance”. The swinging rhythm, jingles and upbeat guitar tell a narrative in the eyes of an introvert, enjoying a solo groove in their own space. 

The North Carolina-based duo has crafted exquisite production and vocal harmonies, sometimes relying solely on bass, tambourine, and vocals in certain parts. At the halfway point of the song, a captivating vocal build-up, accompanied by a steady four-to-the-floor beat greets us, while the instrumentation hints at a fusion of disco and pop elements, creating a distinct nostalgic flavour.

As the record draws to a close, the lyrics “I’ll be high on the high of popcorn alone” suggest the contentment one can derive from being in their own company, without seeking validation from others. lowcats comment on their track, “This song was written as the introvert’s dance anthem, because nothing beats a party of one at home on the couch”.

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