Kevin Kartier and Smoke DZA continue to “Kick Back & Chill” after 4/20 [Video]

Kevin Kartier and Smoke DZA continue the theme of 4/20 a week later, coming together to release their new fiery track “Kick Back & Chill” filled with relaxing sounds and clever wordplay. 

Mississippi artist Kevin Kartier has dropped a few singles this year, including “No Excuses.” It seems that although they are different, he has a similar theme in his music, making his audience feel relaxed through the dreamy beats, as shown in his new single, “Kick Back & Chill.”
Being the first single to drop from his upcoming new LP project, we get a good taste of what we should expect. Kevin Kartier makes it clear that his intention is to alleviate any stress and to create music that makes his listeners forget the pain. His raspy yet calming voice gets our attention right away, while his witty rhyme schemes continue to reel us right in. Additionally, the dreamy sounds in the production put us in an elusive state as Smoke DZA delivers brilliant lyricism. Press play and if you smoke, you’ll undeniably enjoy this one. If you don’t smoke, you’ll still find yourself kicking back and feeling relaxed to the track after a long day. 
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