Kitty shares insightful and introspective production “Sympathy Pains”

Dublin-hailing, London-raised BRIT School Graduate Kitty offers a captivating glimpse of her upcoming sophomore EP Swimming for Dummies, with lush track “Sympathy Pains,” rooted in her signature blend of catchy indie pop sonics, emotive vocals and introspective lyrics.

Delving into a personal experience of being relied upon too heavily and the impact of it on her own mental health, the track is honest and heartfelt. She says, “I wrote it about a friend who was leaning on me like a therapist so much that it started to impact my own mental health, which is when the words ‘sympathy pains’ came to me. When I brought the idea to my good friend and co-writer, Francesca Morris, the song just started flowing.”

With the EP set to mark a new musical chapter for Kitty, we will be led on a journey of growth and development into adulthood as she poised to continue her artistic evolution.

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