Klangkarussell and GIVVEN team up to explore living beyond loss on “Afterglow”

Veteran electronic duo Klangkarussell team up with GIVVEN on their second collaboration “Afterglow,” delivering an atmospheric exploration built on dark, mystical synth sounds. With swirling melodies that make for a bright touch underscored by intense beats and airy vocals, the track swells and falls with grace.

A spiritual successor to their first collaboration “Ghostkeeper,” the track expands on a tale of loss and grief, capturing the journey of someone coming to terms with their loss and learning to live beyond it.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, they share, “In meteorology, afterglow refers to the last waves of beautiful pink/golden light left behind as the sun sets in the sky. In this song, afterglow represents holding onto the beautiful memories and parts of a person that you’ve left behind, and appreciating those things while still allowing the sun to set on your time together. It’s about the process of grieving but still living at the same time.”

A chart-topping duo who have carved out a solid space for themselves over the past decade with their purposeful and energetic artistry, Klangkarussell step forth with renewed sonic charm as they continue to make waves with their music.

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