Nulbarich shares colorful “Just A Game” featuring Benny Sings [Video]

Japanese neo city pop band Nulbarich pens a letter of encouragement in their new single “Just A Game”. The song features Dutch musician and singer-songwriter Benny Sings and is shared alongside a unique animated video by Naoto Mitake and Yver Leong.

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With “Just A Game”, Nulbarich has crafted a song in collaboration with Benny Sings all about perseverance in the face of adversity. Supporting a loved one through a hard time the song features lyrics including, “I’ve been there so many times / But everytime I open my eyes / The problem seem to vanish just like magic / Don’t let them stop you / I know you’re gonna make it,” showing encouragement and hope to one who needs it. Musically, “Just A Game” features emotive piano chords, breezy guitar riffs and funky basslines. The acoustic rock meets indie pop tune further highlightlights warmly enriching vocals singing an anthemic chorus for a cathartic listen. The music video is an innovative animated story filled with rich hues of pink and purple, telling the story of city life and the games we play.

Nulbarich is a well known Japanese band who have made a name for themselves in Asia with their neo city pop music and dynamic live shows. Now based in Los Angeles, the group have had much of their music featured in commercials globally and even wrote music for the animated series CAROLE & TUESDAY. Teaming up with prolific platinum selling writer Benny Sings in “Just A Game”, Nulbarich adds yet another pop gem to their ever growing catalogue.

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