KRANKk , A-F-R-O and Selah Sue want us to take it “Day by Day”

Antwerp-based DnB-fusion trio KRANKk, made up of producer Aram Abgaryan (keys), Thomas Geysen (drums) and Willem Heylen (guitar, electronics) first came into the pop sphere with their acclaimed debut Dark, and since then they have been pushing the envelope with subsequent releases. Their latest effort “Day by Day” is a collaboration with revered lyricist A-F-R-O and singer/ songwriter Selah Sue, who both bring a refreshing element with a blend of deft defying lyricism and soul-gripping melodic runs underpinned by an uplifting positive message of taking time to enjoy what life has to offer. The soft and groovy backdrop has a dreamy and surreal vibe which complements A-F-R-O’s fiery rapid flow and Selah’s angelic vocals.

“Day by Day” is lifted from their latest LP LATE NIGHTS IN ANTWERP , listen to it here.

PHOTO CREDIT – Guillaume Kayacan

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