Casii Stephan pays homage to Leon Russell with “A Song for You” [Video]

Tulsa based pop soul singer/songwriter Casii Stephan has just released her latest irresistible musical offering, a cover of Leon Russell’s “A Song for You”. The track is accompanied by a live one take music video showcasing the artist’s amazing and dynamic performance ability.

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With “A Song for You”, Casii Stephan gives homage to her musical hero and what she describes as one of the best-written love songs. Lyrics including, “I’ve been so many places in my life and time / I’ve sung a lot of songs / I’ve made some bad rhymes / I’ve acted out my life in stages/ With ten thousand people watching / But we’re alone now / And I’m singing this song to you / There is no one more important to me,” shows a strong heartfelt love and a deep devotion in a poetic way. Musically, Casii’s rendition features her soul-baring vocals singing cathartic and raw melodies. Sitting at the piano, the songwriter is giving an unfiltered one take performance which is full of heart and soul. She recorded the song at The Church Studio in Tulsa, which Leon Russell founded.

Casii Stephan has received comparisons to the likes of Fiona Apple, Florence Welch and Carole King. Performing at SXSW, Folk Alliance and the Sundance Festival, the musician is known for her inviting musical performances. Using her music to push back on toxic and negative societal norms such as sexism and ageism, Casii Stephan is an important and enthralling artist.

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